WHAT'S BEHIND IT ALL?





Mp3, teleclasses, workshops, individual sessions on

  • Interdimensional awareness,
  • Expanding your universal awareness
  • Looking beyond our every-day-life- perceptional filters
  • Raising your frequency
  • play with what shows up
  • and apply it to create an even happier / more ease-filled life
  • What is the universe made of? What is behind it all?

While I do not pretend to have all the answers ( answering them might also not be what it is really about nor the most interesting aspect) I keep having these phenomenal glimpses 'behind the veil' or rather our filters of perception and I love exploring interdimensional awareness and exploring more and more of the 'big everything' while enjoying and creating my 'everyday-life-as-we-perceive-it-experience.

Or to put it into words: I love travelling through the dimensions of universal awareness as well as just meeting with a friend. Sometimes also both at the same time ;)

And for this to be fun and 'normal' and allow myself to express what I become aware of without the fear of being 'crazy'.


This space I create to


1. invite you to play with whatever that is for you, and to have fun exploring your very own unique universal awareness, no matter if that is already quite normal for you as well, or how 'out there' it might seem to even yourself at times


2. For myself to have fun exploring and expanding my own awareness more and more throughout and beyond dimension(s), and the perception of space, time and how we perceive 'realit(ies)'.


3. openly communicate about what's showing up...and offer support / inspiration for that and your own awareness expansion through telecalls, events etc...


4. And: check out how you / we can apply what's showing up to create an even more fun life experience....


(So basically for me it's about embracing life fully, having fun travelling through dimensions as well as just having a cup of tea with a friend 'here', or negotiating a new business contract without judging what my life here looks like....in comparison with my awareness of possibilities....)


=> and altogether because I am just curious, what all of this will look like and have expanded into in moment x ( next week, month, year...) in our 'shared life experience'...


Let's play: my new facebook group and classes about this as a 'universal playground' are being created as we speak - I'll keep you posted ;)


Which brings us back to:


Everything already is ...possible ...NOW.


What would you like?


And you know what: the universe doesn't judge small or big things or possibilities....what if anything really is as easy as just the next 'little' thing...